autumn is here

Today the day and night are the same length, this is the autumn equinox. For those of us in the northern hemisphere the days will now be shorter and the nights longer. For those in the southern hemisphere such as Australia, Argentina or Angola, the days will be longer and the nights shorter.

In autumn we see an explosion of colours as the leaves on the trees change colour – yellow, gold, orange, red, purple, and brown. The colours of autumn are spectacular.

the seasons – las estaciones

  • autumn – el otoño
  • winter – el invierno
  • spring – la primavera
  • summer – el verano

The leaves fall from the trees and they create a carpet on the ground. The trees are going to be without their leaves for many, many months.

In American English, autumn is called Fall.


  • carpet – la alfombra
  • ground – el suelo
  • length – el largo
  • northern – norte
  • southern – sur
  • such as – como
  • without – sin

cognates/ cognados

Many word in English and Spanish are the same or very similar.

  • create – crear
  • equinox – el equinoccio
  • explosion – la explosión
  • hemisphere – el hemisferio
  • spectacular – espectacular
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