Black History Month

It began in 1987, originally in London, but it soon grew larger than only the capital city. Today the month is commemorated by national and local government, universities and schools, businesses, and many other organisations.

The original idea belonged to Carter G Woodson, an historian who was the son of former slaves. It started as a seven day event but in the late 1960s it was expanded to a full month.

America marks the month in February each year while European countries celebrate it in October.

The event commemorates the contribution of Black people to a country’s history, culture, politics, sport – in fact, all aspects of life.

There is some criticism, however. Critics say that it is impossible to put Black people’s achievements into a single month. That is true.

However, the month is a useful and important reminder that those achievements exist.

During October our blog will have lots more stories to commemorate Black History Month.


  • achievement – el logro
  • business – la empresa
  • expanded – ampliado
  • former -antiguo
  • government – el gobierno
  • reminder – el recordatorio
  • slave – el esclavo


  • aspect – el aspecto
  • to commemorate – conmemorar
  • contribution – la contribución
  • to criticise – criticar
  • criticism – la crítica
  • historian – el historiador
  • organisation – la organización
  • critic – el detractor
  • critic – el crítico (crítico de cine – film critic; crítico literario – literary critic)