“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet”. Bob Marley sings to us in his song, Sun Is Shining. Yes, summer is here. It’s that time of the year when many of us escape our town or city and even our country. It’s holiday time! Or is it? In these times of Coronavirus we have to rethink our traditional summer holiday.

In many Mediterranean countries there is an annual August exodus out of the cities to escape the summer heat.  Families travel to the mountains and coast, often to their second home.  They leave the cities to the pigeons and the tourists.  But, of course, this year the tourists are not here, they have stayed in their own countries. 

The British summer holiday for 2020 will be in the countryside or coast or historic cities of England or Scotland or Wales.  The British summer holiday this year is a staycation

This is word that combines stay and vacation.  It is interesting that it is used in British English as vacation is American English.  In Britain we talk about our holidays.  Americans go on vacation, the British go on holiday.

However, staycation is now very common in the British media and with many politicians.  The government is encouraging people to take a staycation this year.

This affects Spain. Fewer tourists from Britain and elsewhere are visiting here and the Spanish tourist industry is suffering.  So perhaps for this year the Spanish should also take a staycation.  Why not explore and discover your own country.  Spain is rich in historic towns, beautiful coasts, amazing countryside, and rugged mountains.

In 2020 look at Spain the way that so many foreigners do, and you will be helping the Spanish tourist industry at the same time.

glossary/ glosario

  • exodus – éxodo
  • pigeon – paloma
  • politician – político/a
  • rethink – reconsiderar/repensar
  • second home – segunda vivienda/segunda residencia
  • stay – quedarse
  • vacation/holiday – las vacaciones

listen/ escucha


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