La cuarentena or el bloqueo are known as lockdown in English. In the UK and in Spain, we don’t have our usual daily and weekly routines. These probably included going to work and perhaps attending English classes. So, if you have some time for English at home then our new workbooks are for you. The theme is lockdown. There are royal messages on television, some history, photographs of people in their homes, and even some positive things to emerge from lockdown.

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International Women’s Day

flip academy supports International Women’s Day in celebration of women’s achievements and for progress towards women’s equality. During March our theme is reading and in the annual book fair we’ve found a collection of stories about women who made history.

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celebrate books, celebrate reading

The 43rd annual book fair has arrived in Gran Via Marqués del Turia.
Everyone is catered for – adults, children and teenagers alike so you will surely find something among the many stalls.
We read in our own language without really noticing. Yet, when it comes to another language, we seem to forget that we are capable readers.
So, throughout March, and in celebration of the book fair, we will be publishing a range of posts all connected to reading. There will be advice, tips, interesting facts, and perhaps even some recommendations.

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choosing an English academy

With so many English academies, how do you choose which one is best for you? Here in flip academy we have put together a small guide of the nine things you should consider before choosing an English academy. The guide is aimed at adults who are looking for an academy for themselves, not for parents looking for a centre for their children.

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