La cuarentena or el bloqueo are known as lockdown in English. In the United Kingdom (UK) the lockdown began later than here in Spain and it is not as strict, for example, people can still go out for exercise and DIY stores (tiendas de bricolaje) are open .  But the lockdown is the same as Spain as people’s daily routines disappear as we stay at home.

download (A2/B1)

For most of us not going to work is probably the biggest change to our routines.  The places where we have spent hour upon hour of our daily lives – offices, shops, cafés, factories, schools – have been replaced by our living rooms! 

If your daily routine included going to English classes then that has also been replaced by your living room.  But perhaps we can help.

download (B2)

The workbook includes Queen Elizabeth’s speech on television about the lockdown in Britain.
The video is at the bottom of the page.

If you have some time for English at home then our new workbooks are for you.  We have produced them so you can study at home to help you keep your English fresh.

download/descarga (A2/B1)
download/descarga (B2)

Since we are in lockdown, the theme of the workbooks is lockdown.  There are royal messages on television, some history, photographs of people in their homes, and even some positive things to emerge from lockdown.

The workbooks include reading, listening, writing and practice exercises – and don’t worry, the answers are included.

The first workbook has a level of English at pre-intermediate (A2/B1).  The second is at upper intermediate (B2) level.

One final thing: of course, essential workers are not at home.  They are still at work and helping us all survive this crisis.  The clapping for them every night is deserved.  Thank you to every one of them.


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