not the summer of sport

Summer is usually a time of sport.  There are major tournaments in tennis, golf, cricket and cycling. There are the finals of European football championships.  And every four years there are the Olympics.

But not this year.  The coronavirus pandemic has led to events being cancelled or postponed.

This weekend the Tour de France was due to begin in Nice in the South of France.  However, the start date has been postponed until the end of August.  On Monday Wimbledon was scheduled to start, but this year’s event has been cancelled.  This is the first time this has happened since the Second World War.

Perhaps the most significant event to be postponed is the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In sport, nothing is bigger than the Olympics, so to rearrange the event for next year must be an enormous task.

Sports fans will, of course, be disappointed.  These events would have dominated the television for the next few months.  So what can replace the many, many hours of sport on television?  The answer is sport on television!

Television channels are planning to show past sporting events. 

In the UK, the BBC will replace Tokyo 2020 with London 2012 and Rio 2016.  The Opening Ceremony from the London Games will begin weeks of highlights from London and Rio.  The highlights will, no doubt, include a lot of British sports people and their successes.

The BBC is also planning to show classic matches from Wimbledon.  These will replace some of the hours and hours of tennis that normally dominate television in Britain at this time of the year.  This will not be new, however.  The British weather, even in summer, usually means rain.  When it rains, most of the tennis at Wimbledon is suspended.  When that happens the BBC often show matches from previous years.  So, perhaps, it will not be that different this year for British tennis fans!

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