reading to learn

Reading is an excellent way to improve your English. But to get the most out of it you should read often and read many different types of text.

Our blog is one type of reading material for you. We try to write about things that tell you about the traditions, culture or way of life in Britain or in other English-speaking countries. We try to choose topics that are interesting and we often choose a topic because it is current.

We are making changes to how the academy works (more details are on the home page). Our website will be more important and through it we will offer courses, guides, advice and much more.

As part of these developments, we are making a small but important change to the blog. We will now show the level of the text of the blog using the CEFR levels. So, for example, this post is at A2.

When you read, don’t try to read anything too difficult. New vocabulary in a text helps you, but there should not be more than about 6-10 new words per page. Reading for pleasure should not be hard work! The CEFR level of the blog will help you choose an appropriate text to read.

This change means we will no longer translate the blog into Spanish.

We hope our new blogs showing the CEFR level will help you in learning English.


  • appropriate – apropriado, adecuado
  • current – actual
  • development – el desarrollo
  • pleasure – el placer
  • topic – la tema


get the most out of – this phrase means to get the most benefit from something, to extract as much as is possible from something

CEFR levels

  • A1 – beginner
  • A1/A2 – elementary
  • A2 – pre-intermediate
  • B1 – intermediate
  • B2 – upper intermediate
  • C1 – advanced
  • C2 – expert