world gin day

Spain is a world leader in gin consumption. On average, people in Spain drink over a litre of gin every year which is almost double the amount drunk by the British. Gin’s popularity has grown hugely in the past ten or so years in Spain with many cities now having bars that are specialists in gin.
Spain is the largest importer and consumer of UK gin in the EU.

the influence of Spain

While Britain has a very long tradition of gin, it can still learn new things. Recently, one new development has been the adoption of the very Spanish style of serving gin.
In the past, your drink would be served in a standard glass with some ice cubes and a simple lemon or lime wedge. Now the Spanish way is everywhere!
Glasses are very large glass with lots – and lots – of ice, and for the garnish you can expect more than lemon or lime. You might see new flavours like pink grapefruit, cucumber, or strawberry, along with herbs like fennel and basil, and spices like black pepper and cardamom seeds. There may even be some flowers and more included in the glass.

the traditional gin & tonic

The traditional combination was born in the 19th century in India which was then part of Britain’s foreign empire. In efforts to avoid malaria, quinine was mixed with carbonated water to form tonic water. But this had a bitter taste so gin was added to make it easier to drink.
Modern tonic water contains only a very small amount of quinine. But there are also new producers experimenting with natural flavourings in new tonics.

an online celebration

This year, World Gin Day will be celebrated virtually. Events include online tastings and virtual tours.
Visit the World Gin Day website for more information.
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